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At the bottom of the web site – there is a link under the footer section “LOCATION ADMINISTRATION” – click on that link to access the login page.

Once you get to the login page, you can login with your credentials.  Your login will be your email address and the password “Phenix321!@”


Once you login, you can change your password by clicking PROFILE on the left side.. In the middle of the page, you can change your login password.


The first thing you see when you login is your dashboard.  Your administration allows you to:

  • View your locations
  • Change the salon professionals at each location
  • View company documents
  • View company news
  • Create and edit Royalty Reports – click here for royalty reports instructions
  • View information about getting your own local web site
  • Create help desk requests
  • Add a new location


To change location information, add descriptions, photos, etc..

  • Please click on LOCATIONS icon from dashboard or LOCATIONS link on left side.
  • Here, you can see 1 or multiple locations you can manage.  If you scroll to the far left, you will see EDIT / DELETE / VIEW
  • Edit will allow you to edit your location including the suites
  • Delete will delete your location – we highly recommend against this
  • View will allow you to view your location on the web site and changes you made


When you click EDIT, you will see your location information.  You can do the following here:

  • Change number of suites
  • Change location information including address – phone
  • The web site uses a generic photo for each location.  You can replace that photo using the UPLOAD PHOTO feature.  PLEASE make sure the photo size is not larger than 600px wide
  • The web site has generic text for the LOCATION DESCRIPTION.  You can add your own description here which will replace the text on the web site.
  • On the right side, you can see documents that are uploaded for Renters, floor plans, etc.  You can click ADD NEW to add a new document to this section
  • On the right side, you can also see settings for Royalty Reports – edit / add new / view reports


  • Under the location information, you can see the SALON SUITES for this location
  • On the far right, click EDIT to edit suite information and the Salon Professional information or DELETE to remove a suite
  • Right next to SALON SUITES title, you can click ADD NEW
  • Here you can add a new suite including email address, name, suite number and services associated with the suite
    • You must choose the location from the Dropdown menu
    • Enter Suite # – Username and Name of the Suite Business (or the name of person who owns the suite)
    • EMAIL for suite owner/salon professional IS REQUIRED
    • There is an option for the email address to not be shown online – you can click that and the professional’s email will not show up
    • If you do not enter a valid email address, the salon professional will not receive their login information to change their information
    • Below you can select the types of services provided in that suite
  • Send login information – you MUST check the box that says “Send Password?” in order to send the login credentials to the Salon Professional
  • If you forgot to check the box, you can always go to your suites and hit EDIT to the right of a suite – then just check the box “Send Password?” and hit update at the bottom to resend this information (Email address must be valid for this to work)


  • Go to LOCATIONS and click Edit where you want to edit a suite
  • Find the Suite you want to edit
  • When you click EDIT on a salon suite, you can change the suite and all associated services in that suite
  • Please remember to hit UPDATE at the bottom to save changes


  • On the left side, you can click COMPANY NEWS to view news and updates about the company
  • You can click DOCUMENTS to view marketing materials and other documents you might need
  • You can click Salon Professionals to directly to the Salon Professionals/Suites to edit information
  • Click Royalty Reports to view and change reports – click here for royalty reports instructions

If you have any questions or need help, please click here to access help desk requests